Ava Lou's 2nd Birthday Party

Written by her mother who was writing about today but thinking of what she was doing 2 years ago 

The occasion

Ava Lou, tonight, at midnight, it will be exactly two years ago that you came into the world, borne with your eyes wide open, ready to soak in the world.  The Doctor (Melody Abraham) said: “Wow, check those eyes out, they are wide open” before she handed you to the nurse.  Well, two years later Ava Lou, your eyes are most likely your most arresting features as people comment on their beauty daily, but I will say this, it is you -- all of you -- that continues to steal the heart of most who meet you. 

So, for your birthday, your grandparents hosted a very nice, small party for you at Omitzie’s house.

The company

We kept the party small, much smaller than usual, because we just returned from a weeklong trip to Florida.  But almost all of your favorite people in the world were there to celebrate with you:  Perry, Oma, Memaw, Tante Hein, Tante San, your parents, your cousins Ana, Joshie, and Shackee and your friends and neighbors Morgan and Maya with their dad, Chris.  Unfortunately Shiranui could not make it, as she fell ill this morning.  Aunt Suzie and family came from Urbana, MD to celebrate with you, her longest trip since her back surgery three weeks ago and Uncle Ed also came from Ashburn.  Towards the end of the party, Perry’s friend Henry joined in the fun and got Uncle Jeff to join as well…

The Food

Omitzie ordered pizza, Oma brought her delicious croquettes, and your parents contributed the cake that was “butchered” pretty good, as Perry wanted to eat the “sun”, and you and Ana were after the “flowers.”

The Activities

You played and played and played some more, both at Omitzie’s home and at the playground.  You did not eat much (the grownups made up for it, not to worry), except for the icing in your cake and you were one tired soul at the end.  You LOVED your presents (thanks to everyone!), and on the way home we dropped off a cake at Dulin Church for a potluck lunch tomorrow; and you, Perry, and Henry played at the church playground some more….the perfect way to end a party!

Tomorrow, the real birthday

We hope to take you to the movies, your first ever in the theater!  Will you behave?

If you want to see pictures of the day, see them here ...some really cute ones.