About Us

  About Irma:

Her motto for life: "Het leven is altijd wonderbaarlijk", loosely translated to "Life is miraculously beautiful....always!"
Often described as "Weird Chick", she was borne in Paramaribo, Suriname, but has lived half her life in different continents. She is also from mixed ethnicity (Caribe Indian, Indian, Indonesian, and some unknowns) and the criss-crossed nature-nurture of her upbringing has given her the ability to speak different languages, possess multiple personalities not yet documented, and switch from corporate gear to purple sneakers (think Barney purple) within 2 seconds.
Who she misses most: Her Father (passed away August 2003), her niece Yasmeen (who lives in Saudi Arabia) and her best friend Ben (who lives in Holland).
About David:
His motto for life: "Don't fix it, if it ain't broken, instead let's eat and have some scotch and cigars..."
Nicknamed "Bigi Ede" in Surinamese which translates to "Big Head"...did you notice the size of that head?? He calls himself a native of this area (born in Bethesda, MD) and lived in the Washington area when Leesburg was the Boonies. David is 4th or 5th generation (he does not remember..) German American and tries to make it to Germany each year, not for the genealogy, but rather for the booze and bratwurst. David can have a 400 plus Scrabble score and use language that will make a sailor blush (one reason we picked up spelling).
Who he misses most: Uncle George (passed away in April 2002) and Perry whenever Perry is not with him.
About Perry:
His motto for life: "When do we play?"
Nicknames include: Pook, Kaboomie, Perriuchi! Perry was borne in Washington DC after Mama won the battle over his birth place as Papa was voting for NJ. He calles himself: "Perry Willem" and loves to spend time with his family and play with his friends. The only people who can get him to eat a good meal are Tante Marjorie and Oma. Tante Hein is his personal clown.
Who he misses most: Papa (at all times), Mama (when he does not feel well) and Memaw and O'Mitz unless it's Wednesday!
About Ava:
Her motto for life:  "If it feels good - do it!"
Nickname: Zilla, as in short for "Godzilla"
Ava was also born in DC and has been a wild child since birth in 2006.  While very fun, she is very different from her big brother whom she adores.  Her favorite song, taught by her brother and sung while dancing very inappropriately, is "shake-a-booty" (aka, "shake your booty").   
Who she misses most:  food!  OK, she is a Mama's girl...Papa can't win them all.