The Mentzer Family

Hello and Dag!

Welcome to our (immediate) family website. David and Irma (D&I) met in grad school in 1999, became attached to the hips (and other body parts) and on July 30th, 2002 they welcomed their gift from heaven: Perry Willem Mentzer. Since then, the little nut dictates our lives, where we live, what we do, how we talk (we took up spelling!) and how we play.  Ava was brave enough to join the family in 2006 and continues to develop a personality resembling her mother's even at this young age.  We live right outside of Washington, DC in a wonderful lake community called Lake Barcroft (regularly written up by the Washingtonian as a top neighborhood to live).

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  • August 4, 2012 - Perry's birthday party (actual birthday on 30 July) that included one of his favorite holidays celebrated when he was in Suriname - "Holi" (or Phagwah or Festival of Colors) which explains the water guns and colored water.  His favorite instructor from Taekwondo camp also showed up to entertain and wear out the kids.  Lot's of pictures here.